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Savanu International School

A Fully Air-Conditioned Senior Secondary School Affiliated to C.B.S.E.

Senior Education

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Senior school aims to provide holistic education, facilitating students to achieve their optimum potential and equipping them to meet the challenges of life. The school accordingly envisions equipping young students to face the rigours of pursuing excellence in different fields when they eventually move to centers of higher learning else where . The senior school endeavours to prepare them for the same by providing them bedrock of discipline and self actualization. through consistent hard work. The school also concurrently channelises their thoughts and energies into the right direction by giving them a plethora of opportunities in academic and non academic fields.

All this is done while treating them as adults and giving them freedom of thought and action though within the parameters of discipline and propriety.

The school provides each student with a diverse education in a safe and supportive environment that promotes self discovery, motivation and excellence in learning. It lays stress on the development of multidenominational, physical and moral values considered essential for a wholesome growth. The school embodies the desire to help mould young minds in the finest tradition of all round education where each child is a winner.

Physical Eduaction Critical thinking & Logic Environmental Awareness
Physical education is important in as students’ bodies are growing rapidly and require physical activity. In addition to physical strength, students are encouraged to participate in sports and games to ensure that they acquire team spirit at an early age. Another objective of education is to foster critical thinking and to encourage logical judgement in a child. Without this, no student can become a truly successful person who can analyze and make informed and rational decisions students are encouraged. The students imbibe an awareness and appreciation of the environment. A deep-rooted respect for nature and animals is encouraged in them. In addition, students also learn about the need to conserve energy and in turn the environment.