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Savanu International School

A Fully Air-Conditioned Senior Secondary School Affiliated to C.B.S.E.


Swimming Pool Activity

A swimming workout is a great total body workout, strengthening everything from the core to the legs to the arms. In swimming, a lot of muscles are working together as your kids are pushing, pulling and kicking their way through the water. Swimming is a full-body workout. We conduct pool activity class wise regularly along with recreation. Swimming lessons are also given to students to learn the activity in right order properly.

Swimming develops muscles and motor skills and helps improve coordination. Kicking movements engage the core.

Educational & Recreational trip to Zoo as well as Nehru Planetarium

We assure these activities will inculcate among people their interest towards wild life which would teach them to conserve forest & animals & to make them sensitive towards the environment. Nehru Planetarium is one of the most popular destinations for both children and adults looking to understand and explore the numerous mysteries of the universe. While the Planetarium focuses on various aspects of astronomy, As we know there is hidden scientist in each talented students. After visit to Nehru Planetarium there inquistiviness will increase tenfold & they might think about the mysteries in space & universe.

The space module which carried Rakesh Sharma to space inspired students to be future asteroid.

Excursion to Waterpark

Though it might look like your child is just splashing around, water play can help improve children’s balance and strength. Playing in water is like playing in a brand new playground where even the simplest activities, like clap your hands or jumping, are a whole new sensory experience. Children can experiment without worrying about falling or crashing into hard surfaces. So water play activities work as strength training. It takes more muscle strength to move arms and legs through water than it does through air.

Social Awareness Rally to Save The Environment

Students take out a rally to spread the message “Say no to crackers” that is free from polluting burning crackers. Students staged a rally to spread the message to celebrated Eco-friendly Diwali by keeping the environment free from pollution and noise free (specially burning crackers). The students of S.I.S not only pledged to “Say no to crackers” but also to discourage the practice of burning crackers among masses during Diwali.

The Student of our school participated in a campaign that urged people to avoid crackers. The need of the hour is to save an environment which is already ailing. The bursting of crackers creates a lot of pollution. As responsible citizens of India, Our Students pledged not to use crackers.

House Activites

Extracurricular activities that help children to develop and learn new skills, are also great options in a school. Various activities conducted during the session are Clay, Modeling, Thumb Printing, Hand Printing, Fireless cooking, Tree Plantation, Handkerchief Printing, Rangoli Making, Christmas Tree making, Snow Man making, Debate etc.

Track and Field

Feel the thrill of speed and competition with our track and field activities. Whether you’re interested in sprinting, long-distance running, hurdles, or field events like long jump and shot put, our coaches will provide training and support to help you reach your full potential.

Martial Arts

Discover the art of self-defence and discipline through martial arts. Join our classes to learn various styles like karate, taekwondo, or judo. Our skilled instructors will guide you in mastering techniques, building confidence, and promoting physical and mental well-being.