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Events and Celebration

Independence Day

We celebrate this day with great zeal every year. This year great preparations were made in the school. Students of Savanu International School present patriotic songs and dances. Patriotic songs played on the school’s public address system greeted them ahead of the beginning of the usual school day.

In order to sensitise the little minds of the value of freedom and the struggle that our brave freedom fighters went through, an enactment of ‘Independence Day’ was celebrated by the children at Spring Blossoms School. National Flag was unfurled and the programme culminated with the singning of the National Anthem.

Diwali Celebration

The most important Hindu festival, and possibly the largest time of celebration in India, Diwali helps our educators open up important conversations around the nature of right and wrong, and the importance of respecting one’s adults, with our children. Continuing on themes of Eco preservation and sustainability, Diwali also helps us educate the children about pollution.

The respective class teachers organized games, songs and dances which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The children were delighted by their presence. The students showcased the spirit of Diwali through a mesmerising dance performance. The assembly concluded with Principal Ma’am giving away the message of a clean, peaceful and a bright Diwali.

Christmas Celebration

A key festival in India, Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. Keeping in line with the Christmas spirit, we encourage students to anonymously exchange gifts with each other, teaching an important lesson in sharing and in being thankful for what one receives. The school also has a Santa on hand who comes and distributes candy. The whole program was a story about ‘The Birth of Jesus’ which had a fusion of over seven songs.

All the children enjoyed the beats of “Jingle Bells”.

Annual Day Function

We at Savanu International celebrated first Annual function. Students and teachers participated enthusiastically. Small children presented a “songs and dance based on theme”. Every class’s performance was mesmerizing. “Bangda” presented by 8th class students was appraised by the audience.

Annual school sports are held at the pre-determined time and place. The spectators of Annual sports day function are the friends and relatives of the participating students.

Inter House Basketball Competition

We have been awarded the Savanu International School Games for two years running, which demonstrates our commitment to offering a wide range of sporting competition for our children. This accolade is awarded to schools who show they offer a range of competitive sporting events and opportunities throughout the year and involve children in the organisation, decision-making and running of different games and sports.

Other sports opportunities we have offered have included football club, tag rugby club, netball club, rounders club, gymnastics clubs for boys and girls, badminton club.

Sports Day

The sports teacher helps and encourages students to participate in the ‘Annual Sports Day’ function of the school. Students participate in various competing sports activities. The various sporting activities include flat race, Lemon race, Shot-put, discus throw, 100 meters, 300 meters, 400 meter relay race etc. The participating students display their abilities through these sports. The winner of these games gets a sense of pride.

Annual school sports are held at the predetermined time and place. The spectators of Annual sports day function are the friends and relatives of the participating students.

Yoga Shivir

Yoga is an art of discipline that originated in India 6000 Years. Yoga is a type of exercise that anyone can practice for physical and mental empowerment. Yoga is an art that consists of many “Arenas” (Postures or Positions). Each posture when followed as described will give us corresponding physical benefits. Yoga is also called as “Pranayama” which means breathing exercises. It is a great belief that one who practices Yoga regularly with full dedication can lead a youthful life. Yoga also leads to a stress free life for people who are suffering with heavy works in daily life. Yoga and meditation are two arts that go hand in hand.

Medical Camp

The School Health Program is defined as “the school procedures that contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the health of pupils and school personnel including health services healthful living and health education”. Childhood is the age of learning and it is the time when a child start developing practices and attitude towards health. It is very important to target the children for oral health awareness and demonstration of correct methods of oral hygiene.