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Savanu International School

A Fully Air-Conditioned Senior Secondary School Affiliated to C.B.S.E.

Primary Education

Welcome to SAVANU International School


SAVANU is an English medium, co-educational proposed senior secondary school affiliated to CBSE. We Endeavour to provide the best opportunity to our students to grow .We focus on holistic development of every child. We believe that academics as well as moral education are the main pillars in growth of a child. We focus on child centric approach and concept clearance. We prefer learning by doing in place of rote learning methodology. Special attention is given to general knowledge, mental ability and computer skills so that students can realise his and her potential and contribute in the development of the society and nation

Our motto is to have students’ a balanced personality to compete the world in the present scenario. We conduct house activities.

At Savanu International School, education is designed to meet the basic learning needs of students. In doing so, it is also intended to prepare students to benefit from secondary education. In keeping with this broad aim, primary education is geared towards enabling students to develop essential learning skills and providing them with basic learning content.

Physical Eduaction Critical thinking & Logic Environmental Awareness
Physical education is important in as students’ bodies are growing rapidly and require physical activity. In addition to physical strength, students are encouraged to participate in sports and games to ensure that they acquire team spirit at an early age. Another objective of education is to foster critical thinking and to encourage logical judgement in a child. Without this, no student can become a truly successful person who can analyze and make informed and rational decisions students are encouraged. The students imbibe an awareness and appreciation of the environment. A deep-rooted respect for nature and animals is encouraged in them. In addition, students also learn about the need to conserve energy and in turn the environment.